Industrial Rubber Mats Can Improve Employee Health and Productivity

Industrial businesses may not produce the most glamorous products, but they are always working towards improving their bottom line, just like everyone else. Cutting spending can be an obvious choice when it comes to improving profits, but sometimes investing in items that can improve productivity is the smarter way to go. Industrial rubber mats are one investment worth making. Not only can they increase productivity, but you will notice improved employee health and wellness, too.

Industrial employees often have jobs and responsibilities that keep them standing for a long period of time, lifting heavy items, or using physical force to get their tasks completed. So, if those same employees are having pain in their legs or back, do you think they will be highly productive? Not likely. By investing in industrial rubber mats, you will be making the workplace a more comfortable and safer place to work, and as a result, making it a more productive environment.

Floor Mats Are The Right Investment For Your Business

Business floor mats for your industrial company can reduce the times that your employees aren’t feeling their best, which will lead to fewer days away from the job. While you won’t be able to prevent every illness or injury, working with an industrial rental mat company means that you are actively doing something to reduce potential injuries and accidents.

It is important to note that not all mats are the same, especially when it comes to the right kind of floor mats for an industrial setting. In order to make sure you are investing in the right type of mats for your environment, City Clean is sharing the following information to help you learn more about what mats can do for you.

Reduce Fatigue

As mentioned above, industrial employees tend to work in harsher environments that can lead to mental and physical fatigue. Anti-fatigue mats insulate employees from cold or hot floors as well as hard surfaces and even vibration. Anti-fatigue mats can help prevent back, foot, ankle and leg pain, reduce spinal compression, and increase circulation. Read more about using anti-fatigue mats in the workplace.

Remove Static

Static shock can build up from working with large machinery. Comfort flow mats are made of 100% Nitrile rubber and have anti-static properties that allow for use around sensitive electronic equipment and machinery. Not only will they keep employees more comfortable, but they will keep them safe, too.

Avoid Injury

Slip and fall accidents are one of the biggest workplace hazards. In the industrial industry, floors can be slick with oil, grease, or other liquids, which increases the likelihood of employees slipping and injuring themselves on the job. Both Waterhog and anti-fatigue mats boast properties that retain wetness and moisture and are grease-resistant which will keep floors safe and dry. Image mats can also be used to communicate hazards to employees – just another way that investing in mats can improve your overall work environment.

How You Can Improve Your Work Environment

Taking workplace safety seriously will result in better overall business performance. If you want to learn more about industrial mats and how they can offer improvements in all areas of your business, we invite you to contact City Clean. With more than 40 years of experience helping clients find the right business floor mats, our expert team would be happy to show the best options to help your employees thrive.