How Commercial Hand Sanitizer Helps with COVID-19 Safety?

Sanitizing and disinfecting workplaces have become necessary amid COVID-19. For keeping customers, employees, and guests safe, hand sanitizer is a popular option.

Our hands encounter many touchpoints in a business. Consider how often people touch desks, doors, light switches, countertops, faucets, and more surfaces. By cleaning these surfaces often and making sanitizer available, you can help keep people safe.

Below are some more ways that sanitizer can contribute to clean hands and a healthier business environment.

Benefits of Hand Sanitizer in Your Business:

1. Encourages Hand Hygiene

While hand-washing is a preferred method for cleaning hands, it isn’t always possible. In that case, commercial hand sanitizer can prove helpful. Consider placing it in the following high-traffic, high-touch areas:

  • At entrances, reception areas, and exits.
  • In meeting rooms near the door or on the table.
  • On desks, workstations, and transaction counters.
  • In kitchens, break rooms, and cafeterias.
  • In restrooms as a backup for hand-washing.
  • Near interactive elements or touch screens.

Remember, each business is unique. There may be other high-traffic areas that will need a sanitizing station in your specific location.

2. Makes Hand Hygiene Easy and Convenient

Various dispensers are available to suit each of the above locations. Choose from desktop stands, telescopic stands, and wall mounts. No matter where you need to place hand sanitizer, there’s an option available for your business. Plus, the desktop and telescopic stands are convenient and portable, so you can make sanitizer available where and when you need it.

3. Contributes to a Healthy Workplace

Using commercial hand sanitizer can help reduce germs from spreading in your business and keep people healthy. You can work towards keeping people safe and maintain a clean business by making sanitizer available.

In addition to providing sanitizer, you can help educate people in your business on how to use the product effectively. Your local public health unit may have posters and leaflets available that you can place near sanitizing dispensers.

4. May Reduce Absenteeism and Associated Costs

Employees in your business may fall ill if they are exposed to germs at work. This can contribute to a loss in productivity, which costs employers like yourself.

Again, sanitizer is one tool that can help keep hands clean and free of germs in your workplace. Ensure your sanitizing stations are easy for employees to access. You should also refill them often in order to be effective.

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