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Tissues and Paper Towels

Paper Towel And Toilet Paper

Commercial paper towels and commercial tissue paper can play a significant role when it comes to your business success. The appearance and cleanliness of restrooms is one of the most important things visitors will notice about a facility, regardless of industry. Customer surveys consistently show that when restrooms run out of paper towels or tissue, customers will recall and report a negative experience.

City Clean can supply your company with a complete line of commercial tissue paper and commercial paper towels, as well as proper commercial paper towel holders and tissue dispensers. Our full service facility supply program means that you’ll have our commitment when it comes to maintaining and managing your restroom paper needs, so you’ll no longer have to worry about running out of stock.

With the right commercial paper towels and tissue paper from City Clean, you’ll be able to create a great impression while also improving the cleanliness and health and safety of your facility. Our bathroom tissue and paper towel inventory includes options from top brands, and the majority of our products are manufactured right here in Canada. In addition to offering a variety of paper products, we also carry a wide range of commercial paper towel holders and dispensers designed for controlled-use dispensing, reduced cross-contamination, as well as reduced maintenance time and costs.

The products we carry are designed to be used across all industries where cleanliness and comfort are a priority. The right commercial paper towels and commercial tissue paper will not only increase cleanliness and hygiene in your facility, but comfort too. City Clean’s commercial paper products can deliver superior performance when it comes to the absorbency, strength, functionality and design you want representing your company.

Ready to improve hand hygiene and restroom cleanliness with the right selection of paper towels and dispensers? City Clean carries a variety of tissue and paper towel systems that work for every facility, in any industry. From pre-moistened surface cleaning wipes to center-pull towel systems, we have the restroom paper and cleaning products you need. Our systems can help your company reduce waste, minimize cross-contamination, and be confident in knowing that there is always a fresh supply of paper needs ready for your guests and visitors.

For more information on City Clean’s tissues, paper towels and other restroom hygiene services, please reach out and contact us. One of our customer service representatives would be happy to assist you. It’s time for City Clean to handle your restroom product needs so that you can concentrate on growing your business. Let us help you achieve improved sanitation, reduced waste, and more consistent restroom cleanliness. 

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