With a variety of quality mats and facility maintenance products, City Clean can provide the following products. For more information contact us at 1-877-649-7747.

Commercial Floor Mops

Keep your floors clean with industrial mops from City Clean. Slip-and-fall accidents are common in workplaces with untidy floors. Keep your employees safe and avoid labour costs low with a ready supply of commercial mops.

Toronto businesses turn to City Clean to deliver a continuous supply of clean and reusable mops. With our selection, you will be able to keep your workplace’s floor clean — and do so quickly and efficiently.

Worry-Free Janitorial Dust Mops Supply

When you order wet and dry mops from City Clean, you never have to visit a store or worry about re-ordering supplies. Best of all, your employees won’t have to handle over-used mops that can breed harmful bacteria.

We provide a steady supply of freshly laundered mops that keep floors clean. With the right mops, you can extend the lifespan of your flooring. Avoid expensive floor repairs and replacements by using the best commercial mops from City Clean that keep floors sparkling.

  • Made to remove tough dirt and grime
  • Hygienic and reusable
  • Hold up to six times their weight in dust and debris
  • Receive a continuous supply from City Clean

Choose from City Clean’s Supply of Dust and Wet Mops

Our range of mopping supplies includes both wet and dust mops for Toronto businesses. Not only will you improve cleanliness in the workplace, you can reduce floor hazards and limit dust allergens from circulating.

Industrial Wet Mops Industrial Dust Mops
  • Clip-on handles make cleanup quick and easy
  • Super-absorbent synthetic yarn holds more liquid with less effort
  • Industrial-strength mops reduce drying times and eliminate unnecessary odours
  • Long handles to tackle wide floors, reach walls and high ceilings
  • Handles that reduce back strain and other ergonomic injuries
  • Available in 22”, 36” and 48” sizes

Mop heads, handles and frames are all available from City Clean, and provide superior mopping control. We offer prompt, reliable service and a supply of durable products.

About City Clean

We were established in 1972 as a provider of mat rentals for businesses in the GTA. Since then, we’ve expanded our offerings to cover more of the services and supplies that building managers need.

Today, we offer businesses in the GTA with commercial wet mops, air fresheners, garbage bags and more. If you’re ready to place an order for industrial-strength dust mops or other facility management products, give us a call.

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