Need Commercial Mats? Consider These Two Things First!

Do you like to try your hand at projects and give the DIY instructions a try? If your business needs commercial mats, you may be tempted to take on the project yourself. But take a minute to think about what happens when business owners take on even more roles and responsibilities that take them away from increasing sales and the growth of their company? Like many projects or ideas, the task may seem simple enough but the reality is often not as easy as originally thought.

At City Clean, our expertise is in providing top quality, durable and image enhancing mats to businesses across several different industries. What is your company’s area of expertise? Would you recommend your customers handle themselves what you could do for them? Of course not! You are the expert and you know that you can service them better than they could on their own.

While there is certainly information out there that outlines how companies can save money by buying their own mats versus using a rental mat company, we really recommend you consider these two things before you decide what’s best for your company.

1. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety states that good housekeeping is the most important and most fundamental thing you can do when it comes to preventing falls due to slips and trips. Too little friction or traction on flooring from weather hazards, substance spills as well as floor mats that are wrinkled, cluttered or not lying flat are some of the number one causes of slips and falls.

Do you have the correct knowledge to know what mats to buy for your business that will properly protect your company from workers or customers having an accident? All mats are not created equal and what you can buy from a retail store are not generally proficient enough to do the job most businesses need.

2. Do you have a process in place to clean and maintain your mats? Buying your own mats is just one part of the cycle when it comes to having mats in your business. You have to consider:

  • How often will you wash the mats?
  • Where will the mats be washed?
  • Is the washing process you use strong enough to really eliminate the dirt and bacteria accumulated on the mat (regular washing machines aren’t strong enough to do the job)?
  • Who is in charge of managing the appearance and maintenance of the mats?

Business owners face making hundreds of decision every year. City Clean is here to help. Our expertise in not only commercial mats for business but in customer service can alleviate work and stress by taking care of something you don’t need added to your to do list.

Whether you need mats for your retail business, mats for your health care practice or mats for the office, City Clean can offer solutions that will work for you. Give us a call at 1-877-649-7747 to learn more about our rental mat options and services.