Mats for Office Building & Commercial Entrance

People are constantly walking in and out of your office building which means every time the front door opens, more dirt and grime enters your office space. For busy offices, floor mat rentals are an ideal solution that will help effectively manage dirt and liquids that sneak in with visitors. The right mats for business will help keep your space clean and can help reduce flooring maintenance and repair costs. In addition to providing you with floor mat rentals and a wide selection of commercial mats for business, City Clean can also supply your office with facility supplies such as deodorizers, soap and paper towels.

Floor safety mats for your office should be used throughout the building in numerous areas. Entrance mats are known to be the most effective way of stopping dirt and moisture at the door and reducing the likelihood of slips and falls. As we see a wide variety of weather conditions in Canada, mats for business are essential as all businesses need to prepare for cold temperatures, rain and snow. Floor safety mats not only improve your office environment, but you can also choose custom floor mats that can include your logo or business message. Not only will you be investing in the health and safety of your visitors and employees, but you’ll also be able to project a positive brand image too.

In addition to needing mats for office entrances, consider also using floor safety mats in the following areas:

  • Waiting rooms.
  • Reception areas.
  • Employee break rooms.
  • Washrooms.
  • Communal kitchen areas.
  • High traffic interior walkways.
  • Areas where employees may stand for long periods of time.

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Working with City Clean and our floor mat rentals program means that you can rest easy knowing your office will have the right mats in place and that your environment will look clean and well maintained. Investing in floor mat rentals for your office does not require an upfront investment. Our team will work with you to determine the right program to meet your needs, and you’ll have our commitment to deliver fresh and clean mats that support your office’s safety and success. Contact us to find out more about our products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does floor matting cost?

There is no large upfront investment to initiate a mat rental service program, but rather a flat fee for scheduled service, with the exchange of freshly cleaned mats. Renting mats also allows you to focus time and effort on your business instead of on cleaning and maintaining your mat supply. To learn more and receive a free trial, contact us at City Clean.

What is the size of an office floor mat?

At City Clean, we offer a large selection of floor mat types and sizes to suit a variety of business needs. You can also opt for custom mats, including logo mats and message mats, if you’re looking for a personalized image or text. Connect with us for a mat rental consultation to learn more about your options.

Is a mat a kind of floor covering?

No, but mats in your facility will help keep your flooring clean and safe by reducing dust, eliminating debris, and absorbing excess moisture. Commercial mats bring additional benefits in that they can help reduce flooring maintenance and repair costs. Learn more about the variety of quality mats that we provide at City Clean.

What is the best kind of entrance matting?

You have some options when it comes to entrance matting for your business. To stop water, dirt, and debris from entering your facility, SuperScrape mats and Waterhog mats are two choices to consider. If you’re looking to greet guests with your business logo or a custom message, image mats, and message mats will do just that and create winning first impressions, too.

How big should my custom mat be?

The standard sizes for message mats are 3’x4’, 3’x5’, 3’x10’, 4’x6’, 5’x8’, and 6’x12′. For image mats, we have most colours in the following sizes: 3’×4’, 3’×5’, 3’×8’, 3’×10’, 3’×12’, 4’×6’, 4’×8’, and 4’×10’. We encourage you to connect with us to discuss the specific type(s) and size(s) of mats that will work best for your business.

Why are mats important in the office?

Floor mats in your office will help improve cleanliness by reducing dust, eliminating debris, and absorbing excess moisture. In addition to improving your business image with a clean office environment, City Clean offers custom floor mats. These mats, which display your company logo or business message, will promote your brand and further create positive impressions.

What material is used to make mats?

We offer a selection of mats in a variety of materials to choose from to support various business needs and a variety of industries. We look forward to learning more about your company and offering our recommendations on the types of matting that will help support cleanliness in your facility. Contact us to request a mat rental consultation and get started.

Which kind of mat is best for the office?

Check out our helpful blog post on how to find the perfect floor mats for your business. It outlines five questions that can help you select which mats will best suit your facility. You can also contact us for a mat rental consultation request to discuss your business needs specifically with our friendly team.

How much does a commercial mat cost?

There is no large upfront investment to initiate a mat rental service program, but rather a flat fee for scheduled service, with the exchange of freshly cleaned mats. When you choose City Clean for your mat rentals, we provide pick up, cleaning, drop off, repair, and replacement services, allowing you to spend more time focused on your business.

How do you install floor mats?

One of the benefits of choosing City Clean for your mat rentals is that we regularly clean, replace, and repair your mats. When it’s time to deliver new mats or replace old ones, our team will be discreet and in and out of your business in no time. They will also operate on a schedule that works for you and provide quick and efficient service.