Healthcare Mat Services by City Clean

For businesses in the healthcare industry, we recommend keeping facilities and offices safe, clean and sanitary with a facility and mat program. City Clean can provide a wide array of services from restroom service to mop and facility supplies along with mat rental.



Types of Mats for Healthcare Facilities

City Clean offers a range of floor mats for all types of industries, including healthcare facilities. We recognize how critical it is to maintain a safe, clean business. With various types of mats, you can help reduce dust, eliminate debris, and absorb extra moisture. Not only will this help maintain a spotless facility, but it can also contribute to increased productivity and reducing slips and falls.

If you have employees standing for long hours in your healthcare facility, anti-fatigue mats for a medical setting are important. These mats can help prevent tired feet while also insulating against cold floors. With anti-fatigue mats for hospitals, you can work to improve comfort for your team and heighten workplace safety. Plus, with a bevelled edge, you’ll have a smooth transition from floor to mat to further prevent slips and falls and allow carts and equipment to roll over the surface easily. To learn more about specific types of mats, including hospital floor mats, connect with us at City Clean.

Reliable Healthcare Mat Services from City Clean

At City Clean, our mat rental program gives you one less thing to worry about. We know how busy you are running a healthcare facility and ensuring that everyone’s needs are taken care of. Partnering with us for your mats for healthcare businesses will take a significant task off your plate so you can focus on operations while still maintaining a clean, safe facility.

We pride ourselves on providing reliable service and quick turn-around on new orders. Plus, we offer regularly scheduled service for replacing and repairing your mats. When it’s time to deliver new mats, our team is discreet. Their quick and efficient services won’t interrupt your operations, and we’ll work on a schedule that suits your business. We invite you to learn more about why City Clean is your commercial mat partner.

Facility Supply Services from City Clean

In addition to commercial mats, at City Clean, we also offer facility supply services to keep your business well-stocked on needed supplies. This includes items for purchase such as sanitizer, soaps, restroom products, and much more. We also offer a rental service for items such as towels and mops to further support cleanliness in your facility. Much like our mat rental program, our facility supply services aim to take tasks off your plate. You can rest easy knowing that your business is well stocked with needed supplies that will keep your facility clean and safe. Best of all, our products can be delivered with your scheduled mat deliveries, and you can call in at any time to add items to your order. Learn more about the importance of these services for your business.

Get Started with City Clean

If you’re ready to place an order for floor mats for a medical setting and facility supplies, our friendly team will guide you. We can help you make selections for the specific mats and supplies that your business needs. If you’re located in the Greater Toronto Area, simply contact us to learn more and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a healthcare mat?

Mats throughout your healthcare facility will offer many benefits in protecting floors while maintaining a clean, fresh appearance. At City Clean, we offer a mat rental program for a large selection of commercial mats for entrances, waiting rooms, restrooms, kitchen areas, and more spaces. Contact us to learn more.

What are the types of mats used in hospitals?

A wide variety of mats will help support cleanliness and safety in a hospital setting. This includes a combination of entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats, specialty mats for restrooms, and more mat options throughout your facility. Learn more about the variety of quality mats available through City Clean and contact us for a mat rental consultation.

What is the best material for healthcare mats?

At City Clean, we know that safe, clean, and sanitary floors are essential. That’s why, together, our friendly team will work with you on selecting mats made from materials to suit your business needs. This may include mats that offer comfort in areas where employees stand for long hours, mats that trap dirt and water at your entrance, mats that protect your restroom floors, and many more types.

What is the cost of healthcare mats?

There is no large upfront investment to initiate a mat rental service program, but rather a flat fee for scheduled service, with the exchange of freshly laundered mats. When you choose City Clean for your mat rentals, we provide pick up, cleaning, drop off, repair, and replacement services, allowing you to spend more time focused on your clients or patients.

What can floor mat rentals do for medical facilities?

Floor mat rentals for your facility’s entrances, passageways, and high-traffic areas will help support cleanliness, safety, and comfort. With City Clean, you’ll benefit from the convenience of our mat rental program, which takes care of everything for you, including pick up, cleaning, drop off, repair, and replacement services. Learn more about City Clean’s mat rentals.

Do you have a local processing facility?

For cleaning your mats, yes. If we’re creating a mat for you, it may not be entirely local, depending on your needs.

How am I billed?

Your invoice will be emailed to you after you have received service and you will also receive a month-end statement. We accept many forms of payment and have a convenient customer portal to access your account and make payments.

How does a "rental" work?

At City Clean, our floor mat rental service provides pick up, cleaning, drop off, repair, and replacement services. We offer reliable, fast, and efficient service and will stick to a schedule that works for you. Further, we provide our customers with a large selection of commercial mats and serve a range of industries.

How long has City Clean been in business?

City Clean was founded in 1972, and we take pride in offering mat rentals and facility supply products to the Greater Toronto Area. We serve a range of industries in creating solutions for safe, clean working environments. Learn more about us and reach out to our friendly team with any questions you may have.