Winter Mats in Toronto

Winter safety preparedness starts in advance of the first snowfall, some years can be worse than others, and it’s best to be ready. In Toronto, businesses can get their facility ready months before winter weather hits.

When people enter your business during colder months, their foot traffic can bring snow, ice, and water indoors. Without various types of winter mats in your business, this can result in slippery floors and dangerous conditions. Plus, if salt gets tracked inside, this can have long-term consequences for your flooring.

For these reasons, it is best to prepare for winter with commercial mats for your business.

Floor Mats

Winter Mats in Toronto

At City Clean, we can help your Toronto business maintain a clean, safe workplace. In advance of winter weather, we can work with you to prepare for the season. Choose from our range of mats that will protect both the people and floors in your company.

If this is your first time looking into your mat options, we can help. Our friendly team will take the time to explain what a winter mat is and does, the available types, and the cost of winter mats in Toronto. Don’t wait until the winter weather arrives to get started; contact us now to address your winter matting needs.

Outdoor Mats for Snow and Ice

Various types of floor mats can help your business stay clean and safe during the winter months. Since every business is unique, our team at City Clean can help you select the mats that work best for foot traffic in your facility.

In many businesses, outdoor entrance mats are the first line of defense in colder months. They are made of durable materials that wipe water and dirt from people’s shoes. This limits dirt and debris from being tracked inside and causing slippery or messy situations. Plus, these mats can be left outdoors, thanks to their durable construction.

Indoor Winter Floor Mats

The uses of winter mats extend inside your facility as well. Once people enter the building, indoor entrance mats can help catch additional snow, water, and salt before they affect your flooring. These mats are your constant companion in high-traffic areas.

Indoor Floor Mats

In addition to winter mats, your business in Toronto will benefit from additional mat options for a clean, safe facility year-round. Our team can walk you through these choices, from rubber mats to anti-fatigue mats, branded mats, logo mats, and more options. A range of mats throughout your facility can help improve safety, employee comfort, and your company’s image all year long.

Choose City Clean for Winter Mats in Toronto

Now is the time to start looking into snow mats for your business in Toronto. When you partner with us at City Clean for floor mats, you can focus on more pressing matters while we handle keeping your mats and floors pristine. Learn more about the benefits of City Clean mat rentals and how we can help your business.

City Clean also offers a range of facility supply products to keep your business looking tidy for customers and employees. For all your facility needs, you can put your trust in our team for friendly, fast, and reliable service.
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