Why City Clean

At City Clean, we know you take the time, energy and resources to supply your company with everything it needs to run smoothly. When looking for a mat rental and public washroom service program, City Clean has a program that will fit perfectly with your business’ requirements. Here’s why you should choose City Clean:

Rich Selection

City Clean has over 100 different standard inventory options with custom mats to fit any application. We also have a range of logo mats to help improve your brand image from the minute customers walk through the front door.

Reliable Service

We guarantee a quick turnaround on new orders and if you’re in a rush, we guarantee getting your order out to you within 24 hours. Our knowledgeable staff is here for you if you have any questions or concerns and will help guide you from day one.

Quality Assurance

At City Clean, we are constantly looking for ways to make our products better for you!

Efficient Cleaning Process

We have an automated wash process using energy efficient machines that have a low environmental impact and help reduce costs to you – a win-win on both sides of the spectrum.

Green Initiative

We believe in doing our part to keep the environment healthy so when it comes time to retire your old mats, we make sure they are recycled. If your mats have small repairs, we repair them to increase their shelf life.