Urinal Screens & Mats Burlington

Create a better restroom experience for people in your business with Burlington urinal products.
First impressions in business are critical. If a customer, client, or employee uses a restroom in your Burlington facility, you’ll want to ensure it’s clean, dry, and smelling good. Unsightly bathrooms can quickly turn people away. That’s why it’s important that you’re equipped with various Burlington urinal products to help make a positive first impression.

Facility Management Supply Products in Burlington

At City Clean, we have you covered when it comes to ordering the supplies you need for a clean restroom. We offer a range of facility management supply products for Burlington businesses supporting clean, safe workplaces.
Our knowledgeable team will recommend specific products that will suit your facility no matter your industry. From cleanshield urinal mats for offices in Burlington to hand sanitizer, floor mops, and more — we have the supplies you need. Simply contact us to get started.

Urinal Screens in Burlington

Urinal screens serve two critical functions in your restroom: they can help to keep drains clear while also supporting odour control. With 60-day urinal screens, you’ll have a fresh fragrance in your bathroom until it’s time for a replacement. When you work with City Clean, our team will help to ensure you always have supplies on hand for when it’s time to replace your screens.

Urinal Splash Guards

Anti-splash urinal screens can help protect the walls, floors, and people in your restroom. Splash around urinals is unsightly and can often be a source of odours. What’s even worse is splash on an individual’s clothing or shoes. Thankfully, splash guards can help protect your restrooms and people alike by working to control both splashing and odours.

Commercial Urinal Mats

Urinal mats will complement your restroom product supply routine by protecting your floors. Over time, urine can damage your flooring and can be a significant cause of odour. Thankfully, mats can prevent urine pooling under a urinal while capturing and eliminating odours.

Choose City Clean for Your Facility Supply Products

Burlington businesses can rely on City Clean for a steady supply of restroom products. Whether you’re looking for urinal screen deodorizers near you, urinal mats, or other items, we have you covered. You’ll have one less task to worry about when you partner with City Clean. You can continue to focus on your core operations while we ensure you are stocked on facility supplies.
At City Clean, we know how vital a clean workplace is. Not only will your facility look great and generate winning first impressions, but it will also be safe for your guests and employees. That’s why we have your company’s best interests in mind when it comes to selecting facility supply products. Reach out to our team to learn more about which products will support cleanliness for your business.
Contact us today to get started and learn more about the products available in Burlington.