For over 50 years, City Clean has been the premier provider of facility services in Vaughan, ON. We have a proud history of delivering consistent, top-notch service to our valued clients since 1972. Our comprehensive range of essential facility services covers everything from vital restroom supplies to top-tier cleaning products. Explore our core offerings: 

Wet Mops

City Clean offers highly efficient wet mops designed to swiftly absorb spills and eliminate dirt from various types of flooring. With replaceable heads, these mops ensure effortless maintenance. Rely on City Clean to keep your floors spotless. 

Dust Mops

At City Clean, we understand how important it is for floors to remain pristine. Engineered to effectively capture dust, dirt, and debris, our lightweight and versatile dust mops are indispensable for maintaining pristine floors day in, day out. 

Microfiber Towels

Perfect for commercial environments like kitchens and restrooms, our microfiber towels are renowned for their exceptional moisture and dirt absorption capabilities. Explore our wide selection of microfiber towels for your specific needs.

Spa Towels

Part of our facility services in Vaughan includes spa towels. Crafted from premium materials, our spa towels provide unparalleled absorbency and a luxurious softness, enhancing the spa experience for your clientele with every pampering session. 

Bar Towels

Tailored for the fast paced hospitality industry, our bar towels excel at tasks ranging from polishing glassware to efficiently cleaning up spills. With dependable deliveries, we ensure a consistent supply of fresh towels to uphold impeccable hygiene standards within the bar and restaurant industry.  

The City Clean Advantage 

For unbeatable facility services in Vaughan, City Clean stands out with its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer-centric solutions. We offer more than just products; we collaborate with you to enhance your business’s operations and clean atmosphere. Our team is dedicated to pioneering reliable cleaning solutions and embracing eco-friendly practices. When you choose City Clean, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to maintaining your workspace’s cleanliness and efficiency, always. Contact us today