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Oakville Mat Rental Services Company

Oakville businesses in many industries can benefit from mat rentals. If you’re looking to save time and money while enhancing cleanliness and safety in your facility, then it’s time to consider renting mats for your business.

At City Clean, it’s our passion to help businesses in Oakville and across the Greater Toronto Area with clean, safe workplaces.

We offer a mat rental program for a range of industries including offices, warehouses, healthcare, retail, and more. In fact, we’ve been a leader in mat rental services since 1972. We look forward to working with your business as your trusted partner for commercial mats.

What is Mat Rental?

Mats are key when it comes to tidiness, safety, and appearance in your business. However, purchasing your own mats and taking care of their cleaning and repair is a costly investment. It will also take valuable time away from your core business operations. Instead, you can rely on City Clean as your trusted mat rental company in Oakville.

At City Clean, we take care of all aspects of matting for your business. This includes pick up and drop off, cleaning, repair, and replacement services. Our team is reliable and trustworthy, with fast and efficient service on a schedule that works for you. Our goal is to offer discreet visits to your facility so that you don’t experience unnecessary interruptions. You can continue to focus on your business while you leave commercial matting to us.

Consider Mat Rentals as Part of Facility Supplies in Oakville

To complement our facility services, mat rentals are also available from City Clean. We’ve been a leader in mat rental services since 1972. Today, we offer more than 100 different standard commercial mat options. This includes logo mats, message mats, anti-fatigue mats, and many more options to suit every area of your business.

Avoid a large investment and time commitment in purchasing your own mats by choosing mat rentals in Oakville from City Clean. We offer reliable service on a schedule that works for you. Our mat experts will be discreet when they arrive at your facility for pick up and drop off. Your business won’t experience unnecessary interruptions. Plus, you can rely on us to take care of mat cleaning, repair, and replacement.

Benefits of Mat Rental Services

Renting mats is a cost-effective option for your Oakville business versus purchasing your own mats. Plus, when you work with a reliable partner like City Clean that has your company’s best interests in mind, you stand to benefit in many ways:

Improve cleanliness and safety in your facility.

Reduce dust, eliminate debris, and absorb excess moisture.

Showcase a tidy facility when guests enter.

Gain time to focus on your business while City Clean handles your matting.

Protect the surface and lifespan of your floors.

Receive end-to-end support with cleaning, repair, and replacement.

Types of Mat Rentals

There are a wide range of rentals available through City Clean. Our large selection includes more than 100 different standard commercial mat options. This includes traditional mats that will protect your floors and showcase a clean, fresh appearance along with scraper mats to limit dirt and debris from entering your facility. We also offer custom mats, including logo mats and message mats, that can showcase your brand and its message.

If your business in Oakville has operations that require employees to stand for long hours, anti-fatigue mats are also available. They can help protect muscles and joints and provide insulation against cold floors. In wet areas of your business, be sure to consider mats with moisture-flow technology that will help prevent slipping.

If you’re not sure which type of mats will benefit your business, our team can help. We can work with you to understand the uses of mat rentals in your facility and recommend options unique to your business. You can be assured that our team will recommend the best mats for your specific needs. We will also take the time to discuss with you the cost of mat rentals in Oakville.

Contact City Clean to Get Started

If you’re ready to get started with mat rentals “near me” in Oakville, reach out to us at City Clean. We can offer suggestions about whether standard mats or custom mats are best suited for your business and any additional matting that may be required, such as anti-fatigue mats and other options. For more information on City Clean’s commercial mat rentals, contact us.