Warehouse Mats

City Clean offers a complete floor mat service for warehouses in any industry. When you invest in a floor mat rental service, your warehouse space will be provided with the necessary commercial mats to keep your facility safe and clean. Our mat selection includes both exterior and interior floor mats, including heavy duty scraper mats and anti-fatigue mats that are often critical for warehouse environments.

Choosing the correct warehouse mats will help support your business. Having proper matting in place in warehouse facilities can significantly improve employee productivity and reduce the number of work place accidents.

When arranging for warehouse mat rental, the following criteria will be considered:

  • Do you need matting in both wet and dry areas?
  • Are there chemicals, grease or other solvents on site?
  • Is there a need for anti-static mats in certain areas?

When you work with City Clean and use our floor mat service for warehouses, we’ll ensure that all entry ways, high traffic zones, common spaces, and workstations are properly equipped with the right mats to meet the needs of each area.

City Clean’s floor mat rental service will work with you to assess your facility’s specific needs and then provide recommendations on which combination of commercial warehouse mats will provide the best protection and support for your space.

The most commonly used commercial mats in warehouse spaces are:

Anti-Fatigue Mats – these mats help reduce leg and back strain, resulting in greater productivity and alertness. These mats are also slip resistant, resist abrasions, are easy to clean, and can be cut to fit any workspace.

Non-Slip Safety Mats – these mats are essential in areas that require extra traction such as wet or greasy areas. Rubber mats with a tread top will provide the traction needed, and mats with drainage holes will ensure that liquid won’t sit on the surface and create a hazardous environment.

Dust Control Mats – a classic mat with dirt filters will reduce dust being tracked into or throughout your warehouse facility.

Safety Message Mats – message mats are an excellent way to communicate important warnings or safety information that help maintain an accident free workplace.

Floor Protection Mats – these rubber backed warehouse mats are effective under heavy products or machinery where floors can become damaged or worn.

City Clean can help you with all your warehouse mat rental needs. We’ll work with you to create an effective mat strategy that will keep your warehouse safe and clean. Book a mat rental consultation or contact us for more information on our comprehension mat selection.