Floor Mops Ancaster

Maintaining a clean facility has endless benefits for your business. You’ll be able to keep customers and employees safe while creating a positive image for your company. People will recognize a tidy facility and the amount of care you’ve put into your business; this is the kind of business they’ll want to come back to.

In Ancaster, one area of cleanliness that you simply cannot afford to overlook is your flooring. The climate can result in snow and salt being tracked indoors in the winter, along with water, leaves, and dirt year-round. With industrial wet mops and dry mops, you’ll be prepared to keep your floors clean, dry, and safe in every season.

Commercial Mops in Ancaster


For a worry-free floor mop supply in Ancaster, you can put your trust in City Clean. We offer a range of mopping supplies for your business to keep your facility sparkling. When you choose to work with us, you don’t have to worry about rushing to the store or re-ordering supplies. We’ll set you up with a steady supply of freshly laundered mops to support cleanliness in your business.

Simply give us a call for more information about the cost of floor mops and to get started. We’re ready to learn more about your business and how floor mops and other facility management supplies can help you keep a clean and tidy space.

Types of Commercial Floor Mops

If this is your first time placing an order and you’re wondering, “What is a commercial mop?” not to worry. Our team will help you select from available mop types that work best for you, depending on your business needs.

Wet heavy-duty industrial mops, for example, are super absorbent. They can be used for quick and easy cleanup since they hold more fluids. This means you’ll see faster drying times for your flooring as you remove tough dirt and grime. Plus, with the right mops, you could even extend the lifespan of your floors by keeping them clean, dry, and in good condition.

On the other hand, industrial dust mops can be used on your floors, walls, and even the ceilings to trap dust. They’re available in several sizes, along with frames and long handles so that you can tackle hard-to-reach places.
No matter which facility supplies you need, we’ll ensure you receive prompt, reliable service and a steady supply of quality products.

Trusted Floor Mop Supplier in Ancaster

There can be many uses for commercial floor mops for all kinds of messes your business may encounter. You can rely on the team at City Clean to help you select not only the best mops for your facility but all the supply products you need to keep it tidy. We offer commercial mats, hand sanitizer and dispensers, urinal products, and much more.

Choose City Clean for Floor Mops in Ancaster

At City Clean, we recognize the value of having a clean, safe workplace and the benefits this brings for businesses. No matter which industry your Ancaster business is in, we’re ready to work together on solutions for a tidy work environment.
To get started with corporate floor mop services in Ancaster, contact us at City Clean.