Five Reasons You Should Install Custom Floor Mats in Your Garage this Winter

You probably know that snow and slush are hard on your interior flooring, and take precautions to protect your floors. But did you know that your garage floor is also prone to damage during the harsh winter months? There are a few things you can do to protect your garage floors this winter, including installing custom floor mats. Here are five reasons you should consider installing custom floor mats in your garage:

Protect Your Floor: Your garage floor is prone to staining from vehicles, salt, and de-icing fluid. These products can even damage your floor over time by causing pitting. A floor mat is the best way to protect your garage’s floor from staining and damage. You can opt to cover the entire area of the garage, or just specific areas, such as entranceways and around storage units.

Reduce Slips and Falls: Concrete flooring is smooth, which makes it slippery when water or moisture is added into the mix. An water-resistant mat that absorbs moisture from snow and rain will make your garage safer by reducing slip and fall accidents.

Keep Mud and Dirt Under Control: Freshly fallen snow is beautiful to look at, but it quickly turns into a slushy, muddy mess. Floor mats can prevent the mud and slush from being tracked into your business, reducing the amount of clean-up you need to do during the winter months.

Protect Your Feet: If you regularly work in your garage, you know that concrete gets pretty cold. Floor mats can help insulate your garage and make the chilly concrete floor more comfortable to stand on. Your cold, tired feet will thank you!

Affordable and Easy: Installing floor mats in your garage is an affordable way to protect your garage floor and prevent dirt from entering your business. And taking care of your mats is easy when you work with a floor mat rental service, like City Clean. City Clean will regularly clean and replace your mats for you. All you need to do is decide how often you’d like your mats replaced, and the experts at City Clean will get the job done.

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