Downsides Of Cleaning Your Own Business In 2019

Why do you need a commercial cleaning company when you can clean your business yourself? We know many business owners in Toronto may ask themselves this very question. While it is true, you can take care of your own cleaning needs, is it really the best use of your time and energy? Undoubtedly, professional washroom cleaning services are certainly better equipped to ensure your commercial washrooms are always clean and well stocked, but should you just stick to handling it yourself?

Cleaning Your Own Business

At first glance, it may seem like keeping office cleaning in house is a better option, but upon closer inspection it’s easy to see the many downsides of this approach. Companies like City Clean are passionate about helping businesses keep their environments safe and clean by providing the right washroom cleaning supplies as well as other tools to support a sanitary environment. When you connect with a partner that can help you elevate your business by ensuring it always looks good, you’ll have more time to focus on business growth and success.

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6 Downsides To Cleaning Your Business Yourself

Investing in washroom cleaning services or general commercial cleaning may not be high on your list of priorities. But if you ignore the abundant benefits they can bring, you could actually be limiting your businesses growth and development.

Take a look a six downsides you’ll experience by cleaning your own business:

  1. It’s time consuming.

Do you or your staff really have the time to be cleaning the floors or be worrying about washroom cleaning supplies? Wouldn’t your time be better spent working on your business? Additionally, because you aren’t cleaning experts, you’re likely taking longer to tackle the cleaning than a professional would.

  1. It pulls your focus away from work.

When you don’t have a commercial cleaning service, you end up worrying about the dirty sinks and slippery front entrance instead of building your pitch to a new client. If you aren’t focused on building your business, how can you achieve your goals?

  1. You lack experience.

If you don’t use the right cleaning supplies on the right surfaces, you run the risk of damaging something. You may think that cleaning sounds like an easy enough thing to do, but if you want it done right, it takes expertise and knowledge.

  1. Your space won’t be as clean and sanitary as it could be.

Will you or your staff really be able to stick to a regular and frequent cleaning schedule? You have a high chance of being pulled away to handle the many other things required to run a successful business. And when the cleaning does get done, will it be thorough? Who will take care of cleaning hard to reach places, ensuring your washroom accessories are always stocked and in good working order, or ordering more supplies when you run out?

  1. Employee morale will suffer.

No one likes to do their job in a messy and dirty space. If you don’t prioritize the cleanliness of your space, employee morale will suffer. Additionally, if you expect your staff to pitch in and restock the bathrooms and mop the floors, don’t be surprised when you find out they’re looking for another job! When employees feel well taken care of, they are more likely to do their work faster and more effectively. Isn’t that reason enough of a reason to find the right commercial cleaning service to work with?

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Make Cleanliness A Business Priority With City Clean

From equipping your facility with the right washroom accessories to making sure you have proper entrance mats that keep the dirt tracked in to a minimum, working with City Clean will help you keep your business clean. Our expert team can help you determine the tools you need to support a clean, safe and productive environment. Contact us to learn more about our washroom cleaning services and our mat rental program.