Urinal Products to Keep Your Facility Like New

Clean restrooms contribute significantly to your business image. Whether your facilities are used by customers, guests, or staff, they will be sure to notice the state of your restrooms. A dirty or odour-filled space can quickly turn people away. This can result in negative reviews, fewer referrals, and fewer repeat customers. In turn, these impacts can hurt your company’s reputation and revenue.

Instead, you can help keep restrooms clean with a variety of facility supplies from City Clean in Canada. Learn more about the types of products below that can help keep your restrooms tidy and odour-free.

How Will Urinal Products Keep My Restrooms Clean?

There are many types of products that can support keeping your restroom clean and odour-free. For example, urinal screens can help with both scenarios. When placed in a urinal, they can act as a net that catches debris. When this net is in place, it can help keep drains flowing.

They can also help to control odours in-between restroom cleanings. Some types of screens release fragrances to mask odours. They will need to be changed regularly to keep doing their job effectively. Some screens last for 30 days, while 60-day urinal screens are also available.

An anti-splash design can prevent splashback in your restroom. This will protect your walls and floors from staining and reduce additional odours. Reducing splashback can also help to prevent bacteria from spreading in the facility. Some types of anti-splash urinal screens leave behind a long-lasting fragrance.

Premium restroom mats will help protect your floors as well. Over time, uric acid can cause damage to your floors and grout. You can help safeguard your floors with mats that minimize odours, dry quickly, and stay in place. These mats are ideal for high-traffic restrooms to help keep them clean.

Why Are Urinal Products Important?

These items, along with other facility cleaning products and supplies, can help your business succeed. Customers and guests will be sure to notice the tidiness of your restrooms and facility. This can ensure they have a positive experience and encourage them to do business with you again.

Other benefits include:

  • Increasing the lifespan of your facility by keeping restrooms, walls, and floors in good, clean condition. Urinal splash guards are one product that can help in this regard.
  • Reduce the spread of germs and bacteria throughout your business. This will help keep both customers and employees healthy.
  • Rely on worry-free deliveries so that you always have products on hand when you need them.
  • Focus on your business and core activities while knowing that your facility is clean and fully stocked on supplies.

Who Should I Contact for Urinal Products in Canada?

City Clean is a company in Canada that can help keep your facilities clean. We offer top-of-the-line products and services in support of clean businesses. This includes the products mentioned above — and more items —that will help keep your restrooms clean and odour-free.

We offer fast, efficient, and reliable service and work with a variety of industries. Together, we will work with you to create solutions for a clean, safe working environment.

Our current offering for urinal products includes the following items:

  • Ekcoscreen Urinal Screens
  • CleanShield Urinal Mats

Contact us at City Clean in Canada for more details and pricing.