5 Reasons Your Business Needs Safety Floor Mats

Safety floor mats enhance your business and demonstrate an added level of care for visitors and employees. Whether you’re looking for Waterhog floor mats or custom non slip rubber matting, having the right safety floor mats can prove to be a very effective solution for your business’s needs. If you’re unsure as to whether or not adding rubber safety mats will offer you the benefits you’re looking for, it’s worth reading more about why they make a great addition to any workplace. Read more ›

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Commercial Mats For Restaurants, Cafeterias, And Food Service Businesses

Commercial mats are necessary for any restaurant or food service environment. The right commercial floor mats will improve the safety, functionality, and comfort for both employees and guests. With slippery or slick floor surfaces and employees standing on their feet for long periods of time, choosing the right mat for your industry is imperative. When it comes to options for commercial mats that are geared toward the restaurant industry, there are actually many options to choose from. Read more ›

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How Business Floor Mats Can Make Your Company More Efficient

When business owners think of floor mats for business, they tend to think about the basics, such as where they’re needed and what colour to get. However, there are so many other operational benefits that business floor mats can provide. It’s worth taking a closer look at how mats for business can actually improve efficiency. Read more ›

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Warehouse Mats To Keep Your Business Safe And Clean

Each industry has unique needs when it comes to finding the right mats to support their business. One of the areas where City Clean can help is helping customers choose the right type of mats for their business. With many types of mats for business available, it can be difficult to choose correctly. Today, we’re discussing warehouse mats: how to choose the right mats for warehouses, where warehouse mats should be used, and why. Read more ›

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Keep Your Retail Store Tidy This Summer With City Clean

Keeping a retail store clean requires consistent attention and a plan to adjust to the challenges each new season can bring. Summer time usually means an increase in sales and foot traffic, so what can retail stores do to be sure their space makes a great first impression? Having a clean store that is regularly well-maintained is the first step to making sure your retail space is ready to make the most of the busy summer season. Let’s take a look at some specific tools, such as floor mat rentals and facility services, to see how they can make your retail space more welcoming this summer. Read more ›

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Business Floor Mats For Summer Months

Using floor mats in Canada probably makes most people think about our cold and wet winters, but did you know that floor mats are essential during every month of the year? During the warm summer months, you can still benefit from Waterhog floor mats, anti fatigue mats, and other types of business floor mats that protect your floors, employees, and customers. Read more ›

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Do You Have Safety Floor Mats In All The Right Places?

It’s a common assumption to think that once entrance mats are placed on the floor, you’ve taken the steps needed to create a safe environment. While it’s true that safety floor mats placed at entry ways can help to reduce slip and fall accidents, it is certainly not the only thing to be done if you are truly interested in protecting your customers and employees. In fact, there are many ways to use safety floor mats to improve your building’s overall safety. Read more ›

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Protect Your Floors From Spring Rain With WaterHog Floor Mats

Spring weather is finally here! While people are shedding their heavy coats, snow shovels, and other winter gear, this change in season should serve as a heads up that troublesome precipitation is around the corner. Spring can bring a healthy dose of rain, so you’ll need to make sure your business is ready. Do you have the best floor mats in place to protect your floors from spring’s wet weather? Read more ›

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The Top 3 Places To Put Mats Inside Your Building

We haven’t met a single business owner yet who wasn’t interested in creating a safer, cleaner, and better-looking space inside their building. Enter business floor mats. Sometimes simple solutions can be overlooked, so it’s time to think hard about adding commercial mats to your building.

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Make A Great Impression With Message Mats

In the world of business, first impressions really do matter. Using something as simple as message mats for your entrance ways and throughout your business can help create a positive impression as soon as your customers walk through the door. So, how can you create a positive first impression using business floor mats to ensure that your company will be remembered for years to come? The answer lies in creating message mats that showcase the products, services, and personality of your business.

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