Custom Aurora Mats

As an Aurora business owner, it’s likely that you have your hands full. From managing operations to working with clients, you have a busy schedule. While keeping a tidy facility is also an item on your plate, it may be a task you don’t have enough time for. That’s where a facility supply company like City Clean comes into play. Aurora- Mats

We have been an industrial mat rental service provider since 1972. Clean, safe workplaces are our passion. We offer products, services, and commercial floor mat rentals to help your business achieve just that.

We know how busy you are focusing on your business. When you partner with City Clean for commercial mats, we can help your facility remain clean, safe, and tidy. Combined, these can translate into smooth operations, happy customers, and productive employees.

Learn about Your Options for Commercial Mats in Aurora

From entrance matting to office mats, we offer plenty of different standard commercial mat options. No matter your business, we will work with you to determine which type of matting is best suited for your facility.

If you find that your employees are standing for long hours, they may benefit from anti-fatigue mats. These mats insulate against cold floors and can help improve your team’s comfort. When your employees are feeling well at work, you can improve their productivity in a clean, safe workplace.

Our custom floor mats offer the option to add personality to your floors. Choose from exciting colors, messages, and designs that reflect your business.

With entrance mats, you can help limit the dirt, water, and debris that gets tracked into your business. Without this matting, your Aurora flooring can become wet and slippery, posing a hazard in your workplace.

If you need help determining which mats are best for your business, reach out to us. Together, our City Clean team will work with you to determine the type of mats that will support your workplace specifically.