Are Rubber Mats A Good Idea?

Because many surfaces are prone to causing slips and falls, choosing the right safety floor mats is an important decision. While there are many mat options to choose from, rubber mats are a top choice for certain environments. For example, rubber safety mats are durable, easy to clean, and provide some padding, which makes them a perfect addition to slippery areas or areas where spills occur. Read more ›

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Make Your Business Safer with Rubber Safety Mats

Rain, snow, and ice can all make the interior and exterior of your property slick, which can pose a serious risk to your customers and employees. To eliminate safety risks, you should strongly consider laying down rubber safety mats. Read more ›

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Industrial Rubber Mats Can Improve Employee Health and Productivity

Industrial businesses may not produce the most glamourous products, but they are always working towards improving their bottom line, just like everyone else. Cutting spending can be an obvious choice when it comes to improving profits, but sometimes investing in items that can improve productivity is the smarter way to go. Industrial rubber mats are one investment worth making. Not only can they increase productivity, but you will notice improved employee health and wellness, too. Read more ›

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Healthy Work Environment With the Help of Commercial Mats

When business owners make an effort to create a healthy work environment, everyone benefits. If employees are feeling well, they are more productive and less likely to take sick days. There are many things that can be done to improve a workplace environment, and using commercial mats should be at the top of that list. Read more ›

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Increase Safety and Productivity with Anti-Fatigue Mats

Most of us know by now that standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces can be harmful to our health by causing joint and muscle aches and pains. Fortunately, anti-fatigue mats provide workplaces with a host of benefits, including reduced pain, greater productivity, and more. Here are all the ways anti-fatigue floor mats can help your business. Read more ›

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Safety Mats for Playgrounds

When it comes to creating a safe space, adding safety floor mats is one of the best options. The truth is, matting really does matter everywhere! When it comes to keeping children safe, adding mats to playgrounds and play spaces is something that is often overlooked. You may have noticed that new public playgrounds or playgrounds that are being renovated are having safety rubber mats put in as flooring instead of wood chips, sand or gravel. An outdoor rubber mat can greatly reduce injuries children may sustain from a trip or fallRead more ›

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Five Reasons You Should Install Custom Floor Mats in Your Garage this Winter

You probably know that snow and slush are hard on your interior flooring, and take precautions to protect your floors. But did you know that your garage floor is also prone to damage during the harsh winter months? There are a few things you can do to protect your garage floors this winter, including installing custom floor mats. Here are five reasons you should consider installing custom floor mats in your garage: Read more ›

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All About City Clean

Mat Solutions for All Your Needs

City Clean is a mat rental company that knows that each of our clients have unique matting needs. This is why we offer mats for retail business in over 100 standard mat sizes and a variety of different styles. Whether you need anti-fatigue mats, speciality mats, message or image mats, or traditional mats, City Clean has the perfect mat rental option for your business. Read more ›

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Benefits of Traditional Walk Off Floor Mats

In many cases, business owners haven’t given the mats they use a whole lot of thought. But there comes a time when the grime, dirt and dust tracked into a facility becomes a bit too noticeable and finding a better mat solution becomes more of a priority. Commercial floor mats can offer businesses the right type of floor coverage while also supporting the health and safety of employees and customers. Choosing the best floor mats for your Toronto area business really can make a difference! Read more ›

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Why Use Brush Mats?

Interested in knowing more about a solution that can help eliminate a common business problem from spreading? In every single business, dirt, water and grime will be tracked inside from the shoes and boots of both customers and employees. The substances that are brought in from foot traffic means that unless you do something to stop dirt in its tracks, it will make its way into all parts of your facility. So, how can business owners stop the outside from being tracked all over the inside? The best answer lies in using mats for business, and particularly, making sure you have brush mats in place. Read more ›

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